Unrolling the Scrolls – Hugh Nibley

Unrolling the Scrolls – Forgotten Witnesses by Hugh W. Nibley, 1967: Yesterday I was in Disneyland, and that gives you different views of things. One thing was very impressive: all these exhibits you see about the structure of the universe and their accompanying historical views are drawn from just one source. We have but two sources: written and unwritten. By […]

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TheLanfranco Giovanni  The Council Of Gods   1624 25

Joseph Smith and plurality of gods

Two rather irritating neighbor kids informed my children — “You guys think you’re going to rule your own planet.”  That was about 20 years ago. In Irvine, California. The door was open; time to explain some things to my kids. It’s a strange notion, this idea that Mormons believe they can become Gods — and one which the LDS Church has […]

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Learning to Listen

I have often heard that women like to vent, talk about their problems, disclose what’s going on, that kind of thing. But, I have also heard that women don’t really want their man to “fix-it”. They just want to talk about it. And they want someone to listen and commiserate with them.   I think I might have something wrong […]

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Silly movies with leprachauns

I’m feeling a bit silly so I thought it might be the leprachauns that brought this on. I don’t eat green food on St. Patrick’s Day, but I do wear something green — must be from all the damage while attending elementary school and forgetting it was mandatory to sport green or get pinched. Do schools still let kids pinch each […]

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Domenico Morelli Noahs Dankgebet1

How to reach God

I’m not sure that folding your arms to pray is the best way to make contact with God. I started thinking about this, and I wondered when and why we as a church fold our arms to pray. I think for me, it goes back to Primary — it was a sign of being ready to pray, a sign of […]

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Blood moon tetrads 2014-2015

The blood moon tetrad

I had to do some research about these blood moons because some people believe they are signs of the times. But you can’t believe everything you read on the Internet or hear in the news. I don’t like to be one of those doomsday predictors either. And the hoopla started with a couple of preachers. (Pastor Hagee wrote a book.) But […]

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he wants you

He wants you

I believe men and women are different and I occasionally write about the “visual man”. Dennis Prager has a new video that explains this as well as anyone (with our same point of view, that is.) I also think Jerry Seinfeld covered this topic as well — when he reminds George that he can only take a peek at the girl’s […]

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California Street 1906

Surviving San Francisco earthquake

I just finished making a video about my grandma who survived the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake. Thanks to my creative son for all the help.

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800px Hieronymus Brunschwig Liber De Arte Distillandi CHF AQ13x3

Eternal round and distilling souls

To understand the Plan of Salvation in the context of God’s “eternal round,” I like to use the model of a “continuous distillation process,” rather than employing a “batch process model’ that represents the “one time through” doctrine, which I would call only a “snap shot” of the LDS Plan of Salvation. For those who have ears to hear, the […]

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Giorgio Vasari II   Jacobs Dream   Walters 372508 E1424458414513

Eternal Progression

Over the years, I’ve been thinking about eternal progression and I’ve developed some ideas — but not the typical Plan of Salvation. The LDS church teaches The Plan of Salvation as a linear progression — pre earth life — mortal life (probation) — death — resurrection – “assigned” to a kingdom and that’s it. End of story, never to go out again.” […]

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