creationism and evolution

Between evolution and creation

Most people who adhere to the Bible and Torah believe the creation story — that God “created” the earth in seven days, and formed man from the dust of the earth and woman from Adam’s rib. This is a nice little story, but I want to know more. How do we explain evolution and creationism? Especially since we have Dinosaur [...]

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panax ginseng

Herbs to Increase Energy

We live in an age when we get things instantly. We accesss the Internet for quick answers, we text friends [...]

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Homeschool Sixth Grade Curriculum

History Time period: Medieval/Early Renaissance, 400 – 1600 Story of the World, vol. 2 Sample page Story of the World [...]

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homeschool history books

Homeschool Fifth Grade Curriculum

History In fifth grade, you start all over with ancient history. Even though you are covering the same time period [...]

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Ebola History

The Hot Zone Ebola Virus

All of my kids have read the book about the first outbreak of Ebola in 1976, called The Hot Zone: [...]

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e-readers for dyslexia

Get an e-reader if you have dyslexia

Good news for anyone with dyslexia:  Read faster and comprehend more of what you’re reading by using an E-Reader. Research at [...]

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Nibley 3 E1407948067839

Hugh Nibley: Roman Satire and Us

This is a Hugh Nibley talk — BYU Women’s Lecture, October 26, 1991, entitled, Roman Satire and Us. I have [...]

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homeschool fourth grade curriculum

Homeschool Fourth Grade Curriculum

Let’s take a look at a fourth grade curriculum for homeschool.  You will be the best judge of what works [...]

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third grade homeschool curriculum

Homeschool Third Grade Curriculum

Third grade History: Late Renaissance/Early Modern 1600-1850 I continue with World History, using volume 3 of the Susan Wise Bauer [...]

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When your spouse forgets — forget it

There’s an old “I Love Lucy” episode where Lucy hopes Ricky remembers their anniversary. It’s so aggravating. Why doesn’t she [...]

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be creative

Manage your day to include creativity

I spend most of my time in the “reactive” zone rather than the “creative” zone. I picked up this book (that [...]

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Miso Salad

Miso Chopped Salad

I want life to be a little more simple. Especially meals. Simple to make, a little mess, healthy, and tasting [...]

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IMG 3972 E1406493827809

Homemade Anti-fungal Cream with Bitter Orange

It seems to be the long hot summer. Really, temps of 100 + degrees are normal where I live. I’m [...]

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Bosom Of Abraham By Daniel Chorny E1406658916313

Giggles And Bosoms At Church

I got the giggles at church again. Ever since I was a young girl; whenever we sang the hymn, “Joseph [...]

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tuck me in meaning

Tuck me in meaning

When I was young, my parents would “tuck me into bed.” As any parent knows, kids hate to go to [...]

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1280px Franklin The Printer E1405705149588

Benjamin Franklin contradictions

Oh boy, if I could only learn to do this better. Benjamin Franklin was always trying to improve his moral [...]

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748px Eisenhower D Day E1400980817323

Hugh Nibley — Why Was I Put in This Situation?

  This is one of my favorite Nibley quotes — “Why was I put in this situation?” It’s from the [...]

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Jacob's Ladder

Ascending a Ladder to Heaven

Which comes first — spiritual blessings or the fiery furnace?  John Pontius said we should expect a run-in with adversity [...]

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Adventure Time cake

Adventure Time

My son is a big fan of the animated series, Adventure Time, so we had to make a BMO birthday [...]

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Science Lab

Shifty Science Labs

I was a science major in college–biochemsitry to be exact. I had alot of science labs as part of my degree. I [...]

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Ravenna Mosaic Melchizedek E1403976672179

What can you discuss in church?

I was fired once from my calling as a Relief Society teacher.  It stung. But I got over it. Unfortunately, [...]

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