tuck me in meaning

Tuck me in meaning

When I was young, my parents would “tuck me into bed.” As any parent knows, kids hate to go to bed at night — in fact it’s quite amazing to hear the excuses your kids will come up with — drinks of water, trips to the bathroom, anything to delay the inevitable. I remember saying “will you tuck me into [...]

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1280px Franklin The Printer E1405705149588

Benjamin Franklin contradictions

Oh boy, if I could only learn to do this better. Benjamin Franklin was always trying to improve his moral [...]

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748px Eisenhower D Day E1400980817323

Hugh Nibley — Why Was I Put in This Situation?

  This is one of my favorite Nibley quotes — “Why was I put in this situation?” It’s from the [...]

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Jacob's Ladder

Ascending a Ladder to Heaven

Which comes first — spiritual blessings or the fiery furnace?  John Pontius said we should expect a run-in with adversity [...]

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Adventure Time cake

Adventure Time

My son is a big fan of the animated series, Adventure Time, so we had to make a BMO birthday [...]

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Science Lab

Shifty Science Labs

I was a science major in college–biochemsitry to be exact. I had alot of science labs as part of my degree. I [...]

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Ravenna Mosaic Melchizedek E1403976672179

What can you discuss in church?

I was fired once from my calling as a Relief Society teacher.  It stung. But I got over it. Unfortunately, [...]

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Fairy Houses

Homeschool Second Grade Curriculum

I don’t think I learned anything when I was in second grade. My teacher’s name was Miss Terramina –  Terr-a-MEAN- [...]

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The wintry doctrines

I bought the audio version of Visions of Glory and gifted it to a few friends through Audible. I always [...]

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Hugh Nibley quotes

Hugh Nibley — the law of free agency

Hugh Nibley — free agency in his very blunt direct way: This law of free agency and total individual responsibility [...]

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DSC 0081 E1402549853398

The Big No Sleep

Motherhood is rewarding and exhausting. Some nights I would fall into bed and not even care that I was sleeping [...]

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IMG 3646 E1402448724797

Benefits of a three day fast

A three-day fast is my favorite. And now, researchers have found that a three-day fast reboots your immune system. I [...]

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guardian angels

The Doctrine of Christ

I’ve always been curious about the “return and report” methodology. In the temple, it’s obvious there’s a chain of responsibilities [...]

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Time to focus or time to scan?

We can only think of one thing at a time. Perhaps this is a mortal disability. Or maybe it’s a [...]

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Relief Society Mormon E1401581122247

Women with faith to heal

We often think that you have to be ordained to the priesthood to heal the sick or work miracles. A [...]

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Homeschool first grade curriculum

Homeschool First Grade Curriculum

It’s the next generation of homeschooling, and my granddaughter is going to partake. Or maybe I should say, her mom [...]

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IMG 3494 E1401159338383

Finding glory

We have to know for ourselves. As the world becomes more chaotic, and it becomes harder to find periods of [...]

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IMG 3564 E1400953463360

Leveling up spiritually

In Visions of Glory, Spencer talks about how he could look at someone and know their whole life — this [...]

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1149833 E1400551361977

Unpublished notes of Hugh Nibley — Priesthood

These are some notes made by Hugh Nibley for his article on Priesthood which was published in Sunstone Magazine. and a [...]

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Nibley 11 E1400346963337

Unpublished notes of Hugh Nibley – Charity

Hugh Nibley was known for scribbling down notes on 3 x 5 cards and filing them away for articles and [...]

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Mary Cassatt   The Tea   MFA Boston 42.178 E1400179386968

Hugh Nibley Word of Wisdom Commentary

The Word of Wisdom: A Commentary on D&C 89 Hugh Nibley (December 1979 Gospel Doctrine Class, Manavu Ward) The Word [...]

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