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By The Light of the Silvery Moon

Nobody wants to serve up their pet turkey for Thanksgiving. Especially Wesley. So he doesn’t. But he still has to bring back a turkey from the butcher. “By The Light of The Silvery Moon”is a classic 1953 film that revolves around the Thanksgiving holiday. Doris Day plays Marjorie Winfield who teams up with Bill Sherman played by Gordon MacRae. The […]

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saddleback leather

How to identify leather video

Here’s my pick for your eLearning video of the week:  Leather 101 — Full Grain, Top Grain, Genuine, and Bonded Leather Explanation. How about that leather chair, or leather bag you purchased — is it quality leather? Have you ever wondered why some leathers wear out, some last long, and some, well, they turn out to be plastic with little leather […]

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Mormons and Catholics in 1870 comics

In the 1870s political cartoonist Thomas Nast, an implacable foe of both Mormons and Irish Catholics, penned the question in Harper’s Weekly —  “Religious Liberty is Guaranteed–But Can We Allow Foreign Reptiles To Crawl All Over US?”  He branded both religions as “foreign” threats to liberty — The Roman Catholic Church depicted as a crocodile and The Mormon LDS Church as a […]

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hugh nibley humor

Hugh Nibley Humor — “And Bring the Brush”

Here’s Hugh Nibley, classic humor, reminiscing about his days in the military on the Eve of Thanksgiving: My first assignment — it was so typically Army you must hear about it: It was the eve of Thanksgiving, and I was scrubbing toilets out with a big brush, with a big scrubbing brush. I was busy scrubbing these latrines out and […]

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A Manual for the After-Life

Here’s a pillow for your head, when you’re dead. If you were royalty in ancient Egypt, and newly dead, the “temple” workers would place this round pillow-papyrus thing under your head — after they removed your organs and wrapped you up mummy style. Meant to supply “life giving fire” to the head of the dead, it was a manual for the after-life. It was […]

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Homemade Diaper Rash Cream

I’m surprised I didn’t think of making my own diaper rash cream back when I had babies. Oh, wait, I know why. I was too busy cleaning up spilled milk and Cheerios. I’m a gramma now and I have time to think outside the box. So, I did some research about various oils and newborns and babies and put together […]

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Lessons on the value of money

Well, this is an embarrassing photo of me and my dad. actually, it’s hilarious. I can’t even remember the year, but I think it was 1972, when I had mononucleosis. My dad had a good sense of humor. And really, he had good taste in clothes. Well, maybe this wasn’t his best example, but come on the glasses are totally cool. He […]

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Unraveling the Book of Isaiah

I’ve always read the King James Version (KJV) of the Bible — mainly because it’s the one used by LDS church.  And I guess you could say that the KJV has a beautiful voice — in an ancient cadence kind-of-way, but it doesn’t hurt to look at other translations. In fact, it is helpful. Especially for the Book of Isaiah. […]

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Did Benjamin Franklin start Daylight Saving Time?

Did Benjamin Franklin start Daylight Saving Time? The U.S. government extended it to eight months in 2007 (March to November). At one time the government said it saved energy. But that theory is not holding up anymore. Indiana found that we use more energy during daylight saving time. Was it Ben Franklin’s humorous essay-letter, An Economical Project that started it all? In […]

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Halloween in whiting woods

Halloween traditions

I have fond memories of Halloween — costumes,  trick-or-treating, and big candy bars. Not those stupid “fun-sized” ones that we hand out now. My friends and I grabbed our pillowcases and walked the entire tract of  Whiting Woods. My mom said one year we had 200 trick-or-treaters come by our house. We never wore scary costumes. Kids didn’t dress with blood […]

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